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About Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol started at university and was originally called The Shrug. They began by performing gigs at the university and also by featuring in local pubs. They later changed their name to Polar Bear as another group in America already had the name The Shrug. The band had to change their name for a third time soon after releasing an Extended play single for the same reason and finally settled on Snow Patrol, as they are known as today.

The band signed in 1997 for Jeepster and released two albums called Songs for Polar Bears and When It's All Over We Still Have to Clean Up. Both of the albums received good reviews but were unable to break into the charts and earn the band fame. The band were still, however, laden with debt and even had to resort to sleeping on the floor of some fans' residences. They were working incredibly hard yet still having no real luck.

This prompted Jeepster to drop Snow patrol in 2001. A year later, the band were signed to the manager Jazz Summers. They were increasingly desperate to get signed by a record firm and even contemplated getting second jobs to finance their album. They finally had a piece of luck and released their third album Final Straw in 2003 under the Black Lion record company; the record peaked at number three in the UK and their single Run managed number five in the UK singles charts.

They continued their success by releasing two songs from the album Chocolate and Spitting Games, both of which made it inside the top 30. This preceded their tour with U2 as their opening act during their Vertigo tour in 2005.

Due to the pressures and strained relationships, Mark McClelland had to leave the band and Paul Wilson was declared as his replacement. Their next single followed shortly after and was entitled Eyes Open, which was released in 2006. Chasing Cars became one of the bands biggest successes and was released on its own as a single following its surprising popularity.

Their last album to date is A hundred Million Suns and this wasn't the great success that was hoped for. Despite the fact that it entered at number two in the UK album charts, it wasn't, all things considered, as successful as their previous commercial albums. The album has nonetheless been certified as reaching platinum status in the UK. They are committed to releasing their next album in 2010.

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