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About Paramore
The band Paramore is made up of five talented punk musicians from Franklin, Tennessee in the US. Hayley Williams is the primary focus and the one that most fans connect with, since she is the lead singer and comes to the stage with a super peppy, relatable presence. Her lyrics are soul-searching, honest, and very relatable by most of her doting fans.

Other members of the band include Taylor York, Jeremy Davis and brothers Josh and Zac Farro.

In 2004 the band was signed to the record label Fueled, by Ramen and after some switching around of their band members, they quickly released their debut album, All We Know is Falling, on the 24th July 2009. The album was embraced around the world and drew in invitations for the band to perform a variety of concerts with other well known bands, opening the door for them to produce more albums.

On June 12, 2007 their second album was released. This one was titled Riot! and was such a hit that industry resources like Rolling Stone magazine started the buzz that they were a rising band to be watched for the future. They were, in fact, watched very closely and found themselves nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best New Artist in 2008. While they did not win the award, it was a remarkable nomination for the band and increased their fan base considerably.

Riot! went Platinum in the US and reached Gold status in the UK, yet the band continued to be plagued by personal issues within the band, both in their individual private lives and between one another. After brief pauses from appearances, six cancelled shows, and various vague posts on the group’s websites, they came back with the announcement of a new tour called The Final Riot! This tour later became their next album, made up of live recordings from the tour.

After a couple widely acclaimed single releases in 2009, the group recently released their third album, Brand New Eyes on 29th September 2009. On that same day they hit the road for another tour around the US.

It is yet to be seen how successful Paramore can be and if they can stick together through what seems like constant rotation of members and private issues. It is clear that they have a large following that delivers high album sales and thousands of screaming fans at every one of their performances. Vocalist Hayley is relatable and inspiring to many younger fans who continue to pack every venue they make an appearance at, large stadiums and smaller, more intimate venues alike. They definitely remain one of the top punk rock bands to be watched for future accomplishments.

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