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About Mini Viva
Mini viva released their début single in September 2009 which was given the title Left my heart in Tokyo. This made it to number seven in the UK charts. It was produced by the very successful production firm xenomania which has previously worked with the Sugababes and Kylie Minogue. The magazine NME called their first single the catchiest single of 2009.

Mini Viva have been on tour with the Saturdays and were their supporting act for The work tour. Their name, incidentally, comes from something they both saw on the bottom of a poster in London after it caught their eye. Of the two Britt is considered to be mini as she reminds Frankee of Minnie Mouse and Frankee is considered to be Viva because she is thought of as cool, exotic and beautiful.

Frankee had spent some time as part of a girl band in her home city of Manchester before getting involved in a Xenomania audition through he myspace page. They were soon formed into the Duo that exists today and then began working on their own image, endeavouring to find their own unique sound that they could call their own.

They also have another single called I wish which is to be released as a single and download track on the 30th November 2009. The name of their upcoming album is currently unknown although it is set to be released on the 30th November 2009 also. This is not an official date but it is the likely date of release according to certain sources. They describe the album in their own words as being pop only with a quirky edge.

The duo are expected to be the best chance of a continuing and successful bridge between indie and pop music.

According to the girls themselves they are most likely to go to Hollywood but least Likely to become the friends of Rod Stewart.

They have performed at various locations of which the Trafford centre is included. Mini Viva is about to embark on their tour during which they will be playing at several venues in Croydon as well as Nottingham, Manchester and other lactations across the UK.

There have been many musical commentators that have drawn comparisons between Mini Viva and Mel & Kim. Despite the similarities, it looks likely that they will develop their own brand of music and possibly act as the quirky and modern bridge between two popular music genres – Pop and Indie.

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