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About Madonna
Madonna burst onto the American music scene in the early 1980s with two well-received singles, titled Everybody and Burning Up. The producers at Sire Records caught onto the appealing tunes and her amazing vocal quality and signed her to produce a full length album. On 27th July 1983 her self-titled debut album, Madonna, was released.

Right from the start, Madonna’s work was entrenched in controversy. The reactions from the public to her debut album ranged from complete adoration to scorn and ridicule. This is because the star’s daring bravado to speak her mind fully and not be restrained was evident in the unveiling of her belly button on the inside flap of each album. The art on the front of the album featured a chain wound around her neck, creating a huge spark for debate in the US, and later the UK.

The talk that this artwork sparked can be credited as a big stepping stone in her career, but it was not until February of 1989 that she really became well known around the world for the bold statements made through her music. A single titled Like A Prayer was released from what would later be her fourth album released, titled the same. While the song was catchy and many people liked it, the controversy was in the accompanying music video in which Madonna danced in a tiny slip in front of a cross which was blazing with fire.

Instantly, that video was known around the world as everyone openly debated the moral and religious implications of such imagery and actions. At this point Madonna was already well on her way to stardom and had achieved luxurious sponsorships with companies such as Pepsi. Yet, when this video became an instant scandal, Pepsi dropped her contract, which only made her even better known and more controversial.

The result of this controversy was a huge career that catapulted Madonna to one of the legends that the world will never forget. It is not her vocal powers, dancing skills, or any specific musical talent that really puts her over the top. It is her dedicated work ethics and wild creativity, and mostly the fire-driven passion that she has for expressing herself no matter what others will think. She has become an artist which the world watches just to see what she will shock them with next.

With a long line of albums which have been certified Platinum x5 or even more, a string of bestselling greatest hits albums and endless counts of remixes, Madonna has certainly delivered a collection of valuable work throughout her long history as a music artist. To this day, she remains one of the most commented on stars in the industry. Her private life, as well as musical ambitions, continues to spark lively debates on television and within private homes.

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