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About Kasabian
The band was first called Saracuse and recorded at the Bedrock studios in Leicester as one of the band members worked there as an engineer. The first public appearance that the band made was in December 1999 when they played at the local rugby club.

The band was recognised as having potential and its name was changed to Kasabian, named after Linda Kasabian, a famous getaway driver. The whole band agreed that the name stuck and sounded cool. Their first radio airplay was on XFM around the time of the name change.

They named their d├ębut album after themselves, opting to call it kasabian. The sales and reviews were generally quite positive and the band at this stage resided in a farmhouse so as not to be disturbed too much. They performed at Glastonbury in 2005.

Their lead singer is Tom Meighan who is famous for his controversial comments including those regarding emos and Ibiza.

Their first and second singles didn't achieve any real recognition although their break came in the form of their third single, club foot, which peaked at number 19 in the UK singles charts. Club foot was also well received enough to make it the choice for football game anthems and Tony Hawk games.

The band's next album was entitled Empire and was written and performed during a mix up of the group in which their chief songwriters were asked to leave due to artistic and creative differences. The album was released in 2006 and topped the UK albums chart. The title song empire was released as a single and also made it to the number one spot, remaining in the top ten for four whole weeks. The album was centred around war and all of the horrors associated with it.

Kasabian begun work on their third album in 2007 after adding Jay Mehler to their band who had previously worked on the Gorillaz album; this was on a permanent basis. Due to much of their promotion work they played on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury, just before the headline act, Bruce Springsteen.

Their third album was released in 2009 and carried the title West ryder pauper lunatic asylum. This reached number one in the UK charts and managed a second week at the top. This album earned them the award for the best album at the Q awards 2009

This had followed much promotional work, including a concert at the Royal Albert Hall and releasing Vlad the impaler for free download for four days. They also saw their song Fire become the highest new entry in 2009, going in at number 3.

Kasabian have played at venues in Malaysia and have been named as one of the acts in the Australia-New Zealand Big day out festival in 2010.

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