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Brought up in a town about two hours from Washington, Maryland, USA, Carey was exposed to music from an early age thanks to his father’s vocation. Carey’s father was a live sound engineer and engineered for bands like The Duke Ellington Orchestra and Kool & the Gang. Ian played drums in school and was supposedly also part of the marching band. This childhood influence further developed into something of a keen interest. Carey was already interested in dance music while in college, but when he experimented with the graffiti scene in Baltimore, he met with many Hip Hop DJs, which undoubtedly had a part to play in his involvement with DJing. Carey was also exposed to house music at a record store where he used to work. All these factors presumably played a role in helping Carey realise his true passion for DJing and House Music.

Rise, his first single, was made on his first Pentium computer. Rise was a major success and was Gold certified in the UK.

Carey has been performing as a DJ since 1993 and as a record producer since 1998. In 2003, Carey, dissatisfied with the house music scene in the US, decided to move to the Netherlands, closer to the heart of the house music scene. In the period between 2003 to 2009, Carey has released several singles such as The Mobtown Sound, Drop Da Vibe, Prince Uptown and Keep on Rising, many of which have been big hits; making Carey and his unmistakable ‘funky bass line’ sound a significant part of the global House music scene for many years now. Carey’s record label, previously known as Elan Records (2000-2004), is now known as GFAB Records.

Get Shaky, released in 2008 under Ian Carey Project, was a big success in the UK making it to top ten UK singles chart, achieved Gold and Platinum certification in New Zealand and Australia respectively. Get Shaky also received the Best Dance Video at the MTV Australia Awards 2009.

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