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About Duck Sauce
Although he attended college in Boston, he spent time playing in its clubs and eventually quit his job in order to follow his musical career.

His first single was a mix of stay on my mind in 1991 and had had several club hits until his major breakthrough came when he released the mix of Professional window which reached number one in the UK and established him as a dance remix name around the world.

His other successes include You don't know me which is his own track and bonkers released in 2009. Both of which managed to reach number one in the singles charts.
In total Armand Van Helden has seven studio albums of which two achieved number one in the UK charts, seven remix albums and four compilations. He currently has just under 30 singles to his name.

A-Trak is the first DJ ever to win all three major DJ competitions and has won the world championship five times; he was the first DJ ever to achieve this and also the youngest, having done so at the age of just 15. He is also the only DJ from Canada ever to have won the award.

His real name coincidently is Alain Macklovitch and has changed the way music is created. He has been influential in his filed and has even given a lecture on scratching; having devised a notation system for it.

Kanye west has had a very close working relationship with A-Trak and has recruited him in the past to be his tour DJ as well as accepting his advice on the overall sound of his album graduation which was released in 2007.

A-Trak has endorsed several brands and types of merchandise including a clothing range and his very own toy. His music style is a mix of Rap and electronic music and mainly works on remixes.

Duck sauce is the name given to the collaboration of Armand Van Helden and A-Trak. The collaboration is signed to the fools gold record label.

The first tracks released by duck sauce were aNYway and You're nasty. The capital NY in anyway is in recognition of the fact that Duck Sauce is from New York. Their greatest hits compilation was released in September 2009.

The band intends to create a range of disco house tracks that will appeal to club DJ's around the world. The records history of Duck Sauce is that of the two contributors who came together for the very first time in 2009.

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Duck Sauce
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