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About Deadmau5
The name Deadmau5 is attributed to an incident in which a mouse climbed into Joel Zimmerman's computer and died. The artist then used the name Deadmau5 for his subsequent music productions. There is no doubt that Deadmau5's number one passion was computers and his first steps into the music industry involved electro sounding tracks made using his knowledge of computers.

His first break came when he contributed to Methods of Mayhem, an album by Tommy Lee in 1999 and the pair have recently released two tracks – Chicken and Redic. During this time he also took a job at a radio station in Niagara falls, his place of birth, called the party revolution and was known as the technical whiz-kid.

He tried relentlessly to change the way music was produced in order to incorporate new technology; yet nobody was willing to take advice on an unknown new method.
His first release was this is the hook and was never intended as much more than a joke. It was released under the name of B.S.O.D – blue screen of death, a computer term. This was an unexpected success and although it was meant to satirise the predictable nature of house music, went on to gain the number one spot on the Beatport downloads list.

The big break occurred when his track Faxing Berlin was passed on to Pete Tong who duly played it on his BBC radio 1 show. This promotion helped make it one of the most influential records of 2007; many others tried to imitate his new style which amalgamated his musical talent and technical savoir-faire.

From here on the only way was up and deadmau5 became the biggest selling artist on Beatport with over 30,000 downloads of which Not Exactly and Sex Lies proved to be the most popular.

During 2008 he was nominated twice at the Juno awards and won one for his track all you ever want. He became the highest new entry to the DJ Mag top 100 poll, placed at number 11, a strong testament to his incredibly rapid rise to fame.

The Beatport awards were his biggest success at which he won “greatest house DJ ever” for two consecutive years, whilst winning more awards than any other artist, including the award for best progressive house artist. He has also been nominated for a Grammy award, even though he didn't win it, for the best remixed recording.

There was success in the United states as well as in the UK and he achieved a billboard number one with move with me, a collaboration with kaskade.

Deadmau5 has links to many festivals and live events: He draws large crowds at the Reading, Leeds and Creamfields festivals in addition to headlining at the Dance arena in 2009.

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