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About Daniel Merriweather
Merriweather was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 and began his association with music at the age of four, while starting to receive violin lessons. He has cited the music of Stevie Wonder, Jeff Buckley, Prince and Herbie Hancock as some of his major influences. Merriweather is said to have dropped out of school to focus solely on his musical interests, taking vocal lessons and performing at local clubs and gigs. The artist is now based in London and New York.

Daniel’s first mainstream appearance was a guest performance on the track All I Want on Australian artist Disco Montega’s eponymous album released in 2002. He also did a guest appearance on She’s Got Me on Marc Ronson’s Here Comes The Fuzz the following year. Ronson produced Merriweather’s debut solo single the following year in 2004, titled City Rules. The track features New York MC Saigon. The single did not enjoy too much of a commercial success but went to become club favourites in Australia’s urban scene. The track also won the APRA (Australian Performing Right Association) and AIRA (Australian Recording Industry Association) awards.

Merriweather has co-written and co-produced Phrase’s debut album entitled Talk with Force, and has also done vocals on three tracks from the album. It was in 2006/07, with his collaboration with Ronson, that Daniel achieved success in the UK. Ronson and Merriweather did a version of The Smith’s track Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before, which was released in the UK as a lead single to Ronson’s album Version. Version made it to #2 on the UK Album Chart. He toured the UK extensively during this year with Ronson and also did several solo performances. He performed at the BBC concert orchestra, along with Ronson.

2008 saw Merriweather playing at the Glastonbury Set with Stop Me. He also performed for the 2008 Brit Awards with Ronson.

Two singles were released before Daniel’s Debut album, Red and Change, both making it to the Top Ten on the UK Singles Chart. He performed Red at T4 on The Beach shortly after their release. Love & War was released in June 2009 and peaked at #2 in the UK.

Merriweather has collaborated with and supported several artists on tour. He featured with Kanye West on West’s Australian Tour. He has opened for Justin Timberlake in London and also for Biz Markie in Brooklyn as well. He has also made several TV appearances including on Britain’s Got More Talent.

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