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About Cliff Richard
While he still has a considerable following to this day, Cliff Richard enjoyed the hay day of his fame in the 1950s and 60s. Producing his albums along with many of the greats such as The Beatles, he has topped the charts in the UK repeatedly through the decades and taken home some nice awards to show for his contributions.

His very first single was titled Schoolboy Crush and had immediate success going almost all the way to the top of the UK music charts. Since then, 14 of his singles have become number one hits in the UK and twenty have made it to the top 10. He has also achieved top 20 status for nearly a hundred songs, making him clearly one of the most decorated and adored UK singers in history. Many people have even compared him to the famous American singer Elvis.

Besides producing extremely popular singles and albums rich with music that remains in circulation today, this artist has also graced the musical world with a variety of other albums. Ranging from gospel albums to soundtracks for popular movies, he has found a way to stay in the limelight and produce the music he loves for many generations.

In 2009, Cliff Richard released an album titled Reunited. It was a collection of music with his old back up group, The Shadows. While The Shadows were never officially a band or group with Richard, he did sometimes record with them as a back-up group during his earlier work. Together they are known as Cliff Richard & The Shadows and the Reunited cover art pictures Cliff in full colour singing with a line of black shadows spread out beside him.

Throughout the decades, Cliff Richard has continually toured all over the globe. Many of his live performances have been released as new albums, keeping the fuel for his music alive with his extremely devoted fan base. As of late 2009, early 2010 he was still scheduling an active tour that would go all over the world.

It isn’t often that a music legend comes on the scene and remains a consistent force for so many years. With music spanning from the mid-1900s well into the year 2009 and beyond, Richard has definitely made his mark on the world with an almost endless array of chart topping songs. Even his most recent contribution, the Reunion album, has made quite an impression both in the UK and the US.

While Cliff Richard has also topped the charts and made somewhat of a name for himself in other countries, he remains largely a UK icon. Some of his recent tours have spanned the globe, going into the States, Canada, and even Japan.

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