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About Chris Daughtry
Chris Daughtry was born in North Carolina. He first looked at singing as a career at the age of 16 and became a professional musician. He performed at high school level and appeared in the stage productions The Wiz and Peter Pan. He was a member of high school band Cadence and produced one album called All Eyes on You, which didn't experience any real recognition. Daughtry auditioned for American idol whilst he was working as a service advisor for Honda.

He had previously auditioned for Rock Star yet was not selected. Although Simon Cowell didn't like his audition for American Idol, saying he was robotic, he got through with two votes to one. From this point on, he progressed into the top 24 entrants and impressed the judges with his performances. It was later disclosed that he was asked to join Fuel as a lead singer for their rock band. He declined this offer.
Daughtry was eliminated from the show after having reached the top four. There was controversy over his elimination and some speculation over the voting system, yet nothing was ever found to be at fault. He then toured the American chat shows such as The Today show, occasionally performing.

From here on he has become the lead singer for Daughtry, the rock band to which he has given his name. His début album, Daughtry reached number one in the US Billboard charts. This was the fastest selling début album for a rock artist of all time. He was also nominated for four Grammy Awards but fell short of winning any of his nominations.

His second album, Leave this Town, made him the first American Idol contestant ever to have two consecutive number one albums. It also made it to number one in the download charts.

His music and performances have infiltrated more than just the billboard charts. His song Home is widely used in NBA play-offs and on American Idol when contestants are eliminated.

He has also performed at basketball and Indianapolis 500 fixtures.

He has won several American music awards including Favourite album and adult contemporary music.

The band has opened for Nickelback and have been constantly touring since 2007. They have performed in the US, UK, Germany and Singapore. The band has also been on tour with Bon Jovi. The largest shows in this tour brought in over $4 million per show.

Daughtry is Married and has two children as well as a stepdaughter and an adopted son. He is reportedly “big on family” and says this is the reason why he has a strong friendship with Ace Young – another American Idol contestant.

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