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About Chicane
The man behind the name is a British composer, musician and record producer, Nicholas Bracegirdle. Bracegirdle was born in 1971 in Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire, England. His association with music began at an early age with piano and classical guitar lessons. However, it was the influence of composers like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis and synthpop legend Vince Clarke among others that inspired Nicholas to delve into melodic dance music. By the age of 12, Chicane was recording his own music and sending his demos to record companies.

In spite of his early start, Chicane’s mainstream success began with the release of his first single Offshore in 1996. By this time Chicane has established his own record label Modena Records. Modena did and still does, hold rights to all his work and further licenses them to other companies for release. Offshore made it to number 12 on UK charts and to the top spot on other UK charts, compiled independently by Mixmag, Record Mirror etc. The song also became an essential track in the capital of dance music, Ibiza, being featured on several high profile trance music compilation albums. Offshore was re-released in 1997 and was a success in the US making it to #5 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music charts.

Following two more successful singles, Offshore 97 and Sunstroke, Chicane released his debut album entitled Far From the Maddening Crowds in 1997. The album included new material as well as rehashed versions of previous singles. The album is considered to be an integral part of the trance music genre. Due to licensing issues, the album was put on hold for some time before it was released again in 2007.
Saltwater, another of Chicane’s hugely popular tracks, was released in 1999, making it to number 1 on UK Dance Charts and number 6 on UK Singles Charts. Bryan Adams did the vocals on Chicanes biggest hit single, Don’t Give Up, after he did a remixed version of Adams’ track Cloud Number Nine. Don’t Give Up not just made it to number 1 on UK charts, but became a hit across Europe and America. The single was a certified silver selling record. Chicane’s second album, Behind the Sun, however, was certified Gold.

Bracegirdle, the man behind Chicane, spent holidays in Ibiza as a child. This he says has strongly influenced his music, which seems to borrow from the calm, summer tone of the island. His first two albums are thought to be moody and melodic, with changing tempos and tones.

The artist is known for his live performances with band members, forming a full band for live shows. Currently there are five musicians in Chicane’s live band, nick Bracegirdle on keyboards and computer, Simon Small on guitar, Carl Holt on bass, Mark Pusey on drums, and Natasha Brocklebanks Andrews on female vocals. Chicane has also collaborated with several musicians who often team up with him on live performances.

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