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About Bon Jovi
The name of the band is derived from their lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi and, contrary to many other bands and their 26 year history, the band structure has remained relatively stable.

The story begins with their lead singer who began to play the piano at the age of just 13. He was a member of a variety of bands before singing Runaway, his demo song which received radio airplay.

From this point onwards, Bon Jovi organised himself all the necessary components of his band, some of which even gave up higher education to join. The band's early musical exploits involved opening for the local artists and they soon caught the eye of Derek Shulman who signed them to Mercury Records. Under this deal, they released their first album in 1984 carrying the name of the band, Bon Jovi.

Their second album 7800° Fahrenheit wasn't met with as much enthusiasm as their first but it was enough to get them noticed and to get them on tour. Then came their big breakthrough when they moved to Vancouver. This was in order to work on their third album, Slippery When Wet which became their biggest success to date. Their first singe, You Give Love a Bad Name managed to bring home their first chart topping, as did Livin' on a Prayer which is now known around the world as their signature song.

In order to really establish themselves as being amongst the greats of rock, Bon Jovi released their fourth album in 1988 called New Jersey which was a real success. They spent four weeks at number one in the Billboard charts and managed to sell over seven million copies of the album in the US alone. From this album, an incredible five singles were born and this remains the all time record for any rock album. Shortly after this the band performed a worldwide tour in over 22 different countries and with over 200 performances, this was an immense effort.

In 1990 the band separated in order to work on their own solo careers. This was attributed to the huge levels of stress and pressure that they encountered whilst producing their successful albums. This lasted until 1992, during which they managed to settle their outstanding issues and reunited. After two more albums, the band took yet another sabbatical period until the year 2000.

After finally coming back together again, the band produced an incredible six albums, in between tours and promotions to put a firm stamp on the rock history books. Their latest album is entitled the Circle, a fitting name, and was released in 2009.

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